Commercial Architecture Photographer Hendersonville

My first commercial architecture shoot in Nashville, TN

A few months back I was scouting places to live in the greater Nashville area and was staying down the street from the beautifully designed Vanderbilt Health Center in Hendersonville, TN. This was not a commissioned project, but one that I had to photograph as I had driven by it several times and each time the light was hitting it perfectly.

Commercial Architectural Photographer in Hendersonville, TN

Commercial Architecture Photographer in Nashville, TN

Vanderbilt Health in Hendersonville, TN

So, I hope you enjoyed how I just walked by that whole “place to live in Nashville” thing. Yes – I will be based out of Nashville, TN but will be traveling throughout the country for work. It is a great central location for the places that I want to be shooting and the perfect climate as far as I am concerned. I will still be working in Minnesota as well – so not to worry if you are a current client! I am still here for you. In fact, as of right now I have shoots booked already in Minnesota, South Dakota, Michigan, and Ohio.

If you are an architect or designer and would like to work together, let’s talk!

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