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Eide Bailly Tower – Commercial Architecture Photography

Architect: ISG

Another commercial architecture project photographed for ISG, this time a brand new staple to the Mankato, MN skyline. The Eide Bailly Tower in downtown Mankato features commercial, retail, restaurant, and event space.

Architectural Photograph of the Eide Bailly Tower in Mankato, Minnesota

I spent a lot of time scouting the exterior of this building to determine the best time of day, elevation, composition. I believe when all is said and done, I took 5-6 scouting images at different times of day to dial in the actual shots I would be focusing on.

Commercial architecture featuring an exterior LED Light bar

It was important to highlight the light bar at the top of the tower. While you will primarily see it lit blue, it does have the ability to change colors to commemorate events, tributes, etc.

The lobby was impressive. The design elements that I wanted to feature required my 15’ tall tripod. Not completely extended, but up there. I included a little behind-the-scenes video to give you a little hint of what was involved in getting these shots.

Eide Bailly_Commercial_Architecture_01.jpg


Lobby entryway with beautiful modern panelling and chandeliers


Modern reception area in this commercial architecture in Mankato, Minnesota

Commercial interior design featuring modern artwork and panelling

Beautiful stairway in this modern commercial office space

Modern employee lounge in this commercial office space in Minnesota

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