Rustic Cabin Featuring A Modern Focus Fireplace

Client: All Seasons Fireplace

Last week, I talked about storytelling with photos. This shoot was a perfect example how why storytelling is important. So what does storytelling have to do with photos of a fireplace? Well, how many times have you looked at a photo of a fireplace and had an emotional reaction to it like you get with a book or a movie? My guess would be never. Ok, maybe once – but probably not.

In this instance, we have a really cool, modern looking fireplace. How many interesting images can you take of a fireplace alone? Not many. So, what we can do to make it more interesting? Tell a story! In this instance, we wanted to show not only how easy it is to operate, but also how one might enjoy a nice quiet morning at the cabin.

The first image shows the fireplace clean, followed by how it is loaded, lit and accessible from both sides. The distance between the fireplace and the model show how this can radiate and warm up a large open room.

This Focus fireplace shown empty to display how wood is loaded

Loading wood into a European Focus fireplace

Fire burns in this European fireplace from focus.

African-American woman sits in her cabin in front of a european fireplace

Woman standing by windows in cabin overlooking the lake

You’ll likely be seeing a lot of work from All Seasons Fireplace this year. I have partnered up with them to create photography and video content for their brand.

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