Commercial Architecture Photography – Pioneer Bank

Architecture: ISG
Interior Design: iSpace Environments
Stone: Vetter Stone

I am a big believer in just putting things out there and seeing where they take you. When Covid hit and things started slowing down, I started a personal project photographing many of the commercial architecture in my city. One of those buildings was Pioneer Bank. I had been driving by this location every single day, and had watched this building go up since the beginning. As the Vetter Stone facade went up, I started to get very curious about shooting more commercial work and started taking reference photos with my iPhone. One of the most unsuspecting angles, the back side of the building from the street view, turned out to be geometrically interesting and I needed to capture it.

One evening, I stopped my car in the middle of the road, stepped out, and shot the exterior handheld while standing in the middle of the street. I sent the image to Vetter Stone and pursued photographing this location. A few weeks later, we were scouting and then photographed it.

Commercial architectural photography of Pioneer Bank in Mankato, Minnesota

Beautiful Pioneer Bank sign featuring Vetter Stone

Commercial Architectural Photography of the lobby of a bank with modern furniture

Conference room in southern Minnesota bank with modern furnishings

Commercial Interior photography of employee lounge featuring Vetter Stone and Cambria Countertops

Architectural details in southern Minnesota

Architectural photography of a large meeting and event space at Pioneer Bank in Mankato, MN

Architectural photography of the second level balcony at event space in Minnesota

Architectural photo of Pioneer Bank taken from the corner of Victory and Adams

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